Waymark Tech

Risk & Compliance Partner


Waymark Tech is a London based Reg-Tech and Sup-Tech firm that develops and provide software services using advance AI and NLP for companies in highly regulated industries and advisory firms with clients facing complex regulatory demands, as well as public sector organisations involved in defining and monitoring regulations.

Governor Software as a global reseller of Waymark Tech’s, global financial regulatory content, including current regulations, regulatory news and regulatory change; enables Governor Software’s Governor Reg, regulatory compliance solution to support compliance teams across all financial regulations worldwide.

The decision to work with Waymark Tech followed a full review of a number Regulatory Content providers. The technology that Waymark Tech, winner of Best NLP Regtech Firm 2019 in Wealth & Finance International’s 2019 Artificial Intelligence Awards and a RegTech 100 firm uses, is by far the best fit for Governor Software. Waymark Tech’s use of artificial intelligence to automate the extraction of regulatory requirements integrated seamlessly with Governor Reg and passed Governor Software technology stress tests.

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