Governor Software work with selected industry consultants and technology providers to provide clients with a solution to their specific regulatory needs

Multiple Obligations Oversight

With Governor Software ground-breaking technology, any risk, regulation, legal obligation or management obligation can be quickly defined and then mapped to the clients compliance & risk program.

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Cyber Security Compliance Oversight

Governor's proven solution for US Cybersecurity compliance enables financial institutions to attest on an ongoing basis that they are compliant with all emerging US cybersecurity regulations.

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Market Abuse for Securities

Governor and MCO's tailored market abuse solution combines MCO's market leading controls management technology with Governor's award winning compliance oversight technology.

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UK Compliance for Foreign Firms

EEA Passporting Firms operating in the UK will enter the Temporary Permissions Regime (TPR) at the end of the Brexit transition period.

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Compliance Oversight for Insurers

Governor and Sicsic Advisory's tailored Outcomes-based compliance solution for Insurers combines Governor's award winning compliance oversight technology with Sicsic’s specialist insurance sector expertise.

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Risk Appetite Statement Governance

With Governor, a regulated financial firm can easily map its Risk Appetite Statement linking RAS metrics and regulatory obligations to their source, providing users with a real-time map of Key Indicators Metrics aligned to their RAG status.

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Governor Software Wins Agile Category in the Grant Thornton UK LLP RegTech Awards

“In judging this category, we found that Governor’s oversight technology can help financial firms with some of their most challenging risk and regulatory issues such as manually intensive, inefficient and ineffective reporting processes”

Governance and Oversight are two key words that are continually sited by the regulator looking at firms boards and Senior Managers to take ownership for their decisions, with serious fines and even imprisonment for those who don’t.


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The process of compliance oversight is relatively simple in theory but financial institutions have historically made it extremely complex and unwieldy.

In order to root out the inefficiencies and make the process more effective a straightforward re-thinking of the practise is needed. This doesn’t mean pulling up the roots and starting again, but defining and mapping the oversight requirements and process as part of defining the core compliance requirements. In short ‘design in good oversight’.

This approach will support oversight becoming a standard item and the days of running around looking for old spreadsheets, presentations and emails should become a thing of the past.

Download the Governor Software Compliance Oversight Guide to find out more