Automate your Risk Appetite Statement Governance process.

RegTech100 2020 Governor Software


For many years Richard Pike, CEO, Governor has held non-executive director roles at financial firms advising on Governance, Compliance and Operational Risk. As a non-exec director, Richard is very aware of the amount of information that firms are legally required to collate to be regulatory compliant, including having a written and approved Risk Appetite Statement (RAS) that is monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure the Firm's actual Risk profile is aligned with its Risk Appetite. Richard is also very aware of the challenges in ensuring the data is collated correctly and presented to the senior management and Board in a timely manner.
Download this webinar to hear Richard take you through the RAS Governance process and Paul Manson demonstrate how you can quickly and efficiently automate the Risk Appetite Statement process, making it is easy to track, action and report RAS in real time and on an ongoing basis between reporting periods.

Webinar Recording