Example  AML 504

Webinar: NYDFS Regulation has gone Digital!

 Regulatory oversight via a digital / actionable version of New York Department of Financial Services Regulation
What will this mean to you? 

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Example  AML 504


The way that compliance teams work is changing.

Governor Software, the innovative Governance and Oversight specialist, has developed a revolutionary online version of the New York Department of Financial Services Regulation (NYDFS) regulation which utilizes Governor Software’s unique visualization technology. This new digital copy of NYDFS regulations will provide NYDFS regulated firms with their very own unique live copy of the NYDFS Regulation.

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What does this mean?  NYDFS regulated compliance teams are able to track their compliance directly to specific NYDFS regulation – they will also benefit from improved search functions, increased visualization of regulations, the ability to download specific modules and a history feature that allows users to see changes by date. The cloud-based solution also provides real-time NYDFS regulatory news, powered by Corlytics.

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The past: A common method used by financial institutions to track their compliance regulation is to manually map their NYFDS regulatory obligations in tools such as Excel, and thereafter, manually manage their status and obligations with an error-prone and non-auditable operational model. This not only exposes institutions to unnecessary risk but also prevents them from proactively managing ongoing changes within specific regulations.


The future: NYDFS Regulated firms who use Governor NYDFS will be able to work directly with their own live, actionable view of the NYDFS regulations (e.g. cyber 500, AML 504) , enabling compliance teams to easily see what needs to be done to be compliant, be aware of regulatory changes/updates as they happen, and Track, Action and Report their regulatory compliance on an ongoing basis.


“A key component of good governance is good oversight. However, the key challenge to good oversight for NYDFS firms is the communication of obligations set out by the NYDFS, and the subsequent proof of adherence to relevant stakeholders,” Richard Pike, Founder and CEO, Governor Software. “Governor Software’s solution is totally unique in that it provides compliance teams with a structured list of tasks and internal evidence documents, which may be interfaced to their internal systems. All of this is completed within a structured and auditable platform that supports compliance management becoming less fraught.”


Join Richard Pike, CEO, Governor Software as he takes you through a live Demo of Governor Software using examples of Cyber 500 and AML 504.


Webinar: NYDFS Regulation has gone Digital! -  What will this mean to you?
Time: 10:30 am EST, Date: Thursday, 11 July 2019 : Register now


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