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Control Assurance & Oversight Framework Webinar

How Senior Managers can stay on top of their "reasonable steps" obligations. Thursday 15 October, 10:00 US EST+1; 15:00 UK/Ireland GMT+1 Register Here   Do you like the sound of having the safe-guard of an "out-of-jail-free card" built on a robust assurance and oversight framework? If so register now to learn more.  Sicsic Advisory and Governor Software have partnered to bring a solution...

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Keeping your Compliance Office Running and Compliant while Home-Working!

Recorded Webinar - View Now! Recent developments around COVID-19 mean that everyone must re-think the way they work, and how they interact. For many office-based workers this means working from home. The heads of compliance at financial institutions were already stuck between a rock and a hard place, trying to deal with both increased regulatory requirements and the demand to cut costs. ...

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Online Actionable Version of NYDFS Regulation

Governor Software has developed an online / digital version of NYDFS Regulations, allowing NYDFS regulated firms to work directly online, with their own live, actionable view of the NYDFS regulations such as Cyber 500 and AML 504.   Firms working with a mirror image of regulations will enable compliance teams to easily see exactly what needs to be done to be compliant, be aware of regula...

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The FCA Handbook has gone digital.  Learn the positive impact for Compliance Teams!

Click here to view this webinar and see how Governor Software have taken their licensed copy of the FCA Handbook and converted it to enable their clients to have their own live version of the FCA Handbook, that they can customize to their own requirements. Firms using their own personal live Governor Software version of the FCA Handbook, Governor Reg: FCA,  are able to: Visualize their F...

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