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Measuring a New Paradigm for Risk and Compliance

Lacking an integrated view of risk and performance results in business processes, partners, employees, and systems that behave like leaves blowing in the wind. Modern business requires a new paradigm for tackling risk issues across the enterprise. No longer can organizations afford to focus on single risk issues as unrelated projects, nor can they allow software Band-Aids that are not in...

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A Guide to Compliance Oversight

Since 2009, over 54,000 regulatory documents have been published from 130 different regulatory bodies in G20 countries alone. However, in a world of ever changing regulation and ever more intrusive supervision compliance oversight, as operated within financial institutions, is siloed and reactive. In order to change this, and achieve goals in a more cost and time efficient manner, compli...

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Chief Compliance Officers Dinner Debate: An Oversight Starter

What's on the Chief: An Oversight Starter In my role as non exec director at a number of banks, I often get to speak with and hear insight from  chief compliance officers and, as you might imagine, the discussion centred around compliance, data governance and the shake-up that is ongoing in the field.  For context compliance oversight within financial institutions is an extremely complex...

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