Governor Software Releases Version 2019.2

Governor Software Releases Version 2019.2

DUBLIN, July 29th, 2019 - Governor Software Ltd, today announced it has released the latest version of its governance and oversight platform Governor 2019.2, which now incorporates a new user dashboard, integration with the Archer GRC system and document management enhancements to support clients.

These updates enhance our clients’ ability to increase the value that individual staff and business units get from Governor. Users will be able to add an item from anywhere in the system to their dashboard with one click of their mouse. Business units will be able to take data from their Archer GRC systems to help them provide oversight of their risk and compliance universe. Users will be able to organise and report on their oversight documents (wherever they are stored) so they can efficiently respond to regulator and audit queries.

“As our clients continue to embed the Governor Software platform to support governance and oversight within their organisations we are constantly learning from them and tailoring the product to meet their needs,” explained Richard Pike, Founder and CEO, Governor Software.

“Our focus has shifted from building out core functionality (now largely complete) to tailoring the product to better match how we see our users interacting with the system. We would like to thank our partners at CastleHill Risk for their help in developing our interface to the Archer GRC system.”

The Governor Software platform supports senior risk and compliance executives at financial institutions in maintaining governance and oversight through clear visualisation of their regulatory obligations and risk appetite.

Key benefits of the Governor Software platform include:

  • Line of sight risk visualization between the obligations or objectives and the related policies, controls, KIs and documents
  • Clarity around the organisational ownership and status of each of the obligations in the organization and more coordination across the 3 Lines of Defence
  • The ability to drill through to the root cause of problem areas and create actions and link them to emerging issues for remediation and assign them for accountability
  • A powerful workflow that ensures collaboration across business areas
  • Custom views across the organization for both reporting purposes and to ensure users are seeing content that is most relevant to their role
  • Reduction of manual governance processes and a consequent reduction in the cost of compliance
  • History and audit trails to evidence why certain decisions or actions were taken

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About Governor Software

With offices in Dublin, London and New York, Governor Software Ltd supports senior risk and compliance executives at financial institutions maintain governance and oversight through clear visualisation of their regulatory obligations and risk appetite.

Founded in 2015 by CEO Richard Pike, the Governor Software team have first-hand experience of the production and oversight of governance information within financial institutions. Empowered with this unique knowledge, Governor Software have taken a fresh approach to addressing these challenges; using visualisation technology to efficiently tackle the issues associated with governance and oversight in their entirety.

Governor Software believe the opportunity for compliance and risk professionals to make governance and oversight a more robust and effective process is significant.

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