Governor Software Nominated for 2019 DMR Best Data Governance Solution: Vote Now!

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Category: Awards

Governor Software Nominated for 2019 DMR Best Data Governance Solution: Vote Now!

DMR Governance Award 2019

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To achieve excellence in governance you have to be able to understand your obligations to all stakeholders, measure your status against those obligations and prove that status to a third party,” say Richard Pike, CEO, Governor Software. “Just ringing up the head of AML every few months and asking if everything is OK just doesn’t cut it anymore. Our system takes the information from your core compliance and risk systems, and presents it at the higher levels in an auditable format.”

This is done through a unique process of visual normalization, based on the individual risk appetite of the client. With data stored in multiple forms across multiple categories, a bottom-up approach struggles to compare apples with pears (or capital calculations with open audit test problems). By contrast, the Governor Software Solution simply captures whether a client is “in” or “out” of appetite for each category of risk, using a traffic light system to deliver a set of binary results that removes the need to compare across metrics.. 

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How Can Governor Software help you?

Governor Software is a cutting-edge risk and compliance system that is built from first-hand experience of linking risks to objectives within financial institutions. Having worked with older GRC systems, the Governor Software team where acutely aware that while links could be forced between risks and objectives, when this is not a native capability of a system a lot of benefits of the approach can be missed.

Based on Network Theory, the Governor Software system is designed around a ‘network’ view of risks and objectives rather than a ‘list’ view. This approach is more reflective of complex financial institutions and easily supports concepts like ‘many risks to one objective’ and ‘many objectives to one risk’. With this in mind, Governor Software is designed to allow relationships across departments, locations, business lines etc. Users can build risk maps and then link those to other relevant risk maps. These interrelationships enable clients to really understand the linkages across their business and how risks affect outcomes throughout the firm.

Below is a sample of a Governor Software Risk Map - click here to see the solution in practise


Governor Risk Map

Want to learn more about Governor Software - please download the GRC 20/20 Analyst Report

GRC20/20 review


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