Governor Software introducing TSAM to Governor Reg: FCA

Governor Software introducing TSAM to Governor Reg: FCA

Today the Governor Software team are at TSAM, London demo'ing Governor Reg: FCA, the first live, actionable version of the FCA Handbook for Regulated Firms to use in-house to map compliance. See a Governor Reg: FCA taster video below.

At TSAM Richard Pike, CEO & Founder, Governor Software will be presenting in the Compliance and Regulation Stream. In his presentation, Richard will use Governor Reg: FCA to demonstrate Actionable Regulation and how firms can use them to easily stay abreast with the Regulator.  Richard will explain how by using Actionable Regulation, firms can easily set policy controls, assign responsibilities, quickly track and keep up with the regulators changes and have clear evidence for the regulator of what has been done to adhere to a regulation.


Governor Reg FCA Handbook and News


Watch the quick taster video showing the power of Governor Reg: FCA

The rapid growth of regulation in the last decade has seen an increased focus for regulated firms and compliance team to communicate regulations, understand their status and to keep a full audit trail of all compliance document and projects. 

This large increase in regulations has also created some real challenges for compliance teams, in particular around;

  • understanding the status of your compliance against each relevant provision of the FCA Handbook
  • providing evidence of the above compliance statuses
  • understanding the effect of Handbook changes on your business

But this is changing:

Governor Reg is the first online solution to provides FCA authorised firms their own live copy of the FCA Handbook, giving them the ability to record status, documents and comments directly onto the individual provisions and track changes as they are made to the regulations and internal compliance workplan. It provides compliance teams with a structured list of tasks and internal evidence documents, which may be interfaced to your internal systems, along with linkage to the provision where the problem occurs and it provides FCA Handbook updates and UK regulatory news, powered by Corlytics, in a seamless manner. 

Suzi Mutch