FCA announce business plan 18/19

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has this week published its Business Plan for 2018/19 which sets out the key priorities for the coming year.

Obviously they will primarily be focused on Brexit but they have defined seven extra items that their focus will be on for the period.

Within those seven areas, there are 4 in which Governor clients are already utilising our software to drive better outcomes.

  1. Firms’ culture and governance which should drive behaviours and produce outcomes likely to benefit consumers and markets.
  2. Tackling financial crime, including fraud, scams and anti-money laundering to make the UK financial services sector a hostile place for criminals and a safe place for consumers.
  3. Data security, resilience and outsourcing since technology plays a pivotal role in delivering financial products and services.
  4. Innovation, big data, technology and competition which are driving change in markets.

If you would like further details of how our clients are getting real results in these areas please contact us.

For more details on the FCA Business plan see:

FCA Business Plan 2018/2019