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Webinar: The FCA Handbook is now digital! What will this mean to you?

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Webinar: The FCA Handbook has gone Digital: What will this mean for UK Regulated Firms? 2 May 2019, 10am BST

The first early adopter UK FCA regulated firms are already signed and using Governor Reg: FCA; giving them their own live version of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Handbook. This digital copy of the FCA Handbook allows the firms to easily map, track and report regulatory compliance, streamlining the process and providing them with clear evidence within the FCA format of what they have done to be compliant. Register for this webinar to see the live version of the FCA Handbook in practise.

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The story behind the digital transformation of the FCA Handbook. 

 Back in 2015 the FCA sent out a request for input to financial technology firms, as they sought to find out the answer to a number of questions such as:

  • how and where can RegTech deliver outcomes that will improve efficiency and transparency
  • where should the FCA focus its efforts to best supports collaboration between those involved and interested in RegTech
  • what are the challenges and risks faced by FinTech firms in providing RegTech to financial services firms as well as those faced by financial services firms adopting these solutions
  • were there any existing regulatory rules, policies and guidance which are restricting innovation and the adoption of RegTech solutions?

Following this research, the FCA began, in 2016, to hold a number of Tech-Sprints inviting representatives from banks, FinTech’s, tech companies, lawyers, consultancies, academics and others to come together for collaborative problem-solving.  The aim of the Tech-Sprints was to work on how new technology can be applied to a regulatory challenge like “digitizing” the rule book or streamlining regulatory reporting.  One of the participants, Governor Software was particularly interested in developing a digitized copy of the FCA Handbook that would enable FCA regulated bodies across the board to subscribe to have their own live version of the FCA Handbook, that updates in line with the FCA changes and allows banks to directly map, track, action and report regulatory compliance directly onto their own live version.  This live version of the FCA Handbook would not only allow regulated firms to ensure they are compliant, but also provide them with the necessary audit trail in a format that the FCA can easily follow.   


This solution is now live and what makes it all the more powerful is that Governor Software have teamed up with Corlytics, meaning that this live version of the current FCA Handbook, also comes with a live feed from the FCA providing the latest news, feeds and announcements.


Governor Software will be holding a webinar on Thursday, 2 May 2019 at 10am BST with special guest Alan Blanchard (formerly of the FCA) telling the story and demonstrating this new version – do registers to join this.

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Live Webinar: The FCA Handbook has gone Digital: What doe this mean for UK Regulated Firms?
Thursday, 2 May 2019, 10am BST


The FCA Handbook is changing!  The need for firms to continue to work directly off a static copy of the FCA's UK financial regulations is coming to an end.  These changes mean that the traditional approach of transposing regulations into spreadsheets or other documents to track actions and log compliance that has been so time-consuming and inefficient, is over.

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What is the New Approach

Since 2016 The FCA has been working with RegTech firms to improve the way in which UK Financial Regulations are distributed, recorded and tracked and both our speakers where heavily involved in this process. 


We invite you to join Richard Pike, CEO, Governor Software and Alan Blanchard (formerly FCA), Business Development (UK) at Apiax, on this 45 minute webinar where they will provide background to the upcoming changes, the developments that have taken place, the reason for the changes and how UK Banks and Financial Firms compliance teams will benefit.

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About the Speakers:

Alan Blanchard, Business Development (UK), Apiax,

Alan Blanchard2Alan joined the FCA in 2014 as Handbook Publisher, having spent 15 years in legal and regulatory publishing. Responsible for publishing the FCA’s Handbook, he launched a new Handbook website and introduced topic-based searching and navigation with the aim of making the content more user-focused. Before leaving the FCA, he worked on developing machine-executable rules and exploring different technologies to enhance the production and consumption of FCA regulations. At Apiax, Alan is responsible for the UK arm of the Swiss start-up, bringing digital rules and the benefits of compliance by design to the UK market.


Richard Pike, Founder and CEO, Governor Software

Richard Pike GovernorRichard has extensive experience of working with financial institutions throughout the world, assisting companies in managing enterprise risk more effectively while addressing local regulatory guidelines and standards.  As well as being the founder and CEO of Governor Software, Richard is currently Chairman of Citadel Securities (Ireland) Ltd and an Independent Non-Executive Director at permanenttsb bank, JPMorgan fund administration, JPMorgan hedge fund administration and Citadel Europe.

Prior to Governor Software, Richard has worked in various senior banking, insurance, credit and market risk roles at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, ABN AMRO, Bain, COMIT Gruppe and Quay Financial Software.  He has analysed, designed and managed the development of core treasury and enterprise risk management systems for large financial institutions, including UBS, Citibank, Schroders and Unicredito.

 In 2009, Richard was recognised as a "Top 50" Face of Operational Risk by Op Risk & Compliance magazine and was a contributing author to two books on risk management.  He is also a board member of the Governance, Risk and Compliance Technology Centre which focuses on research in the area of financial services governance, risk and compliance. Richard has also received the designation of ‘Certified Bank Director’ by the Institute of Banking.