Risk & Compliance Partner


MCO (MyComplianceOffice) provides compliance management software that enables companies around the world to reduce their risk of misconduct. Its powerful platform lets compliance professionals demonstrate that they are proactively managing the regulated activities of the company, employees and third-party vendors. Available as a unified suite or à la carte, MCO’s easy-to-use and extensible SaaS-based solutions get clients up and running quickly and cost-efficiently.

The Governor Software partnership with MCO has brought together the dynamic data collection and workflow capabilities of MCO’s flagship product, MyComplianceOffice, with the live version of global regulations available in Governor Software. This is in response to the growing pressure on the Compliance function to improve both effectiveness and efficiencies and enables firms to map, track, execute and report on compliance obligations, transforming how financial services firms meet regulatory expectations worldwide.

There is a great deal of synergy in both MCO and Governor Software technologies, the joint goal is to increase compliance throughput and reduce wasted effort and resources. Our efforts will help firms worldwide modernize their technology stack and take full control of compliance, in an affordable and efficient manner.

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