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Capital Markets Compliance Director - US Bank


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Case Studies


Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 11.55.46UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) utilises Governor to make its handbook more accessible



Case Study: FCA

Based on feedback received from Handbook website users, the FCA found two main areas of concern:

  1. the ability to navigate the complex Handbook modules and the provisions contained within them, and

  2. the ability to filter to relevant items and then download those items to files that users can use to link to their internal compliance programs.

The Governor software tool is able to provide this functionality (and more) to regulators and regulated entities alike.

This project created a part of the FCA Handbook website that provides users with a 'map' view of all of the Handbook regulatory content. Users can navigate the information easily and have access to all of the history of the various regulations and guidance. All of the information is searchable and can be filtered based upon type (section, guidance, rule, etc), topic and Handbook reference.

Users can identify relevant items of information using the search and filter capabilities and then download that data into a .csv file that can be then used in popular packages like MS Excel for further work.


The Governor tool integrates seamlessly into the FCA Handbook website and includes online user help and demonstration videos.


Case Study: International Bank

Like many organizations faced with the compliance challenge, information in the form of obligations, policies, metrics and supporting documents were distributed throughout the business and it was difficult to build a consolidated view on how compliance with regulations was being achieved and if there were any process gaps.

Within two weeks of using Governor, users were receiving notifications advising them to provide evidence or perform assessments. This replaced a previous sea of emails and saved hours for the staff, who previously captured the data in excel spreadsheets, and improved accuracy and timeliness. As users entered the data or completed the assessments they saved supporting documents and reports so that any user of the system with the appropriate access could see the explanation behind certain statuses – saving further hours of emails.



Foreign Branch of international bank gets control of local compliance management


Management are now able to monitor their compliance obligations in one place, take corrective actions and easily go back to previous ‘points in time’ so that both historical data and emerging trends can be identified.






"Governor has allowed us to significantly improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of our Compliance capability"



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Governor Key Messages


Communicate your obligations

We give you the ability to deconstruct regulations, frameworks and policies into visual maps that clearly illustrate your organisations unique obligations that require governance and oversight.

Understand your status

We empower you with key indicators and assessment points that record compliance as well as exposure to risk and areas of concern. Interfaced with your internal systems, we enable business updates and comments to flow between teams seamlessly and track changes as they are mad.

Evidence your compliance

We securely store the current and historic status of your organisations individual and collective obligations within the structure of the original regulation, framework or policy. This means you can provide real-time proof of compliance in a structured and efficient manner that is fully auditable.



Governor Reg FCA Handbook and News


  • 'Actionable' and 'Live' copy of Regulatory Rulebook(s).

  • Actionable - software allows user to take and track specific compliance actions against specific rules in the rulebook.

  • Live - Rulebook is updated automatically when Regulator updates / amend rulebook

  • Top-down aggregated view of compliance

  • Clear line of sight from regulatory obligations to compliance activities (Gap Analysis, Continuous Improvement, BAU)

  • Highly visual and interactive mapping

  • Dynamic dashboard and real time reporting

  • Full audit trail with instant retrieval of historic compliance position / data

  • Clearly defined accountability and responsibility

  • Perform RAG qualitative assessments

  • Policy Document management, mapped to Regulations

  • Issue and Follow Up Management

  • Regulatory News Feed

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Q: Why buy from you, what makes you so special?

A: We have a license to publish the FCA handbook. We utilise modern Graph technology specially developed to match compliance requirements. We have proven our product and service in FS companies in the US and Europe


Q: What results will I actually get?
A: You will get a live copy of your regulations. You will be able to understand the status of your compliance. You will be able to evidence your compliance program to management and third parties.


Q: How quickly can I be up and running?

A: We will have your system live with the regulations within a week of signing an order and you can start using it immediately to manage your compliance program.


Q: Can I get reports from the system?

A: There is a full reporting tool to product pdf and excel reports. You can also download all of the data to your computer and create your own reports.


Q: Who are you guys anyway?

A: The CEO, Richard Pike, is a director of JP Morgan entities in Ireland, Citadel Securities entities in Ireland and UK, Permanenttsb bank plc and FBD Insurance plc. He is an approved person under both the FCA and the CBI regimes. Our CCO, Ross Kelly, is the founder and ex CEO of Vizor software one of the largest technology suppliers to financial regulators in the world.


Q: Are there any long term contracts?

A: The contract is for one year only, you can extend it at any time.


Q: What if I need more regulations from different regulators?

A. We have lots of further regulations from other regulators around the world and can add these to your system very quickly should you need them.


Q: What is included in the support service?

A: Updates to the regulations, other news from the regulator, online training for your staff, reporting and fixing of any technical issue




Richard Pike


Richard has extensive experience of working with financial institutions throughout the world, assisting companies in managing enterprise risk more efficiently while addressing local regulatory guidelines and standards.  As well as being the founder and CEO of Governor Software, Richard is currently Chairman of Citadel Securities (Ireland) Ltd and an Independent Non-Executive Director at permanenttsb bank, FBD Insurance plc, JPMorgan fund administration, JPMorgan hedge fund administration and Citadel Europe.


Prior to Governor Software, Richard has worked in various senior banking, insurance, credit and market risk roles at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, ABN AMRO, Bain, COMIT Gruppe and Quay Financial Software.  


In 2009, Richard was recognised as a "Top 50" Face of Operational Risk by Op Risk & Compliance magazine and was a contributing author to two books on risk management. Richard has also received the designation of ‘Certified Bank Director’ by the Institute of Banking and a Silver Medal for Entrepreneurship from the Royal Dublin Society.




Ross Kelly


Ross brings a wealth of regulatory software experience to Governor Software .

As Joint CEO of Vizor Software, Ross built Vizor from a ‘2 guys in a garage’-type start-up into an extremely successful company, -which is now the global leader in enterprise software enterprise for central banks, financial regulators and tax authorities. Vizor boasts clients in over 30 countries, and employs over 100 personnel. During Ross’ tenure as joint CEO, the average annual growth rate at Vizor was greater than 100%.

As Chief Customer Officer at Governor, Ross focuses specifically on Customer Success and RoI. Ross works closely with Governor clients to develop industry specific case-studies, which will demonstrate the value of Governor Software to financial institutions and how it can revolutionise the way that they approach Risk and Compliance.  


With a strong history of working with Regulators, Ross is also charged with developing the Governor Software Financial Regulator Client Community.