FCA Handbook Oversight

The FCA publishes its regulatory handbook and expects that regulated entities have oversight of the status of their compliance with the various requirements set out in the handbook. Governor software has a licence from the FCA to publish the handbook along with updates as they become available. Governor provides the handbook as a set of maps that can be used by clients to understand the various obligations and then to link their policies and controls to those items to enable oversight of the status of compliance. As the FCA updates the handbook, Governor will provide our clients with updates to their maps and the system will automatically notify the relevant staff (policy owners, control owners, etc.) of the changes.


Example FCA Handbook Map

FCA Handbook.gif


Governor provides our clients with detailed maps of all the section of the FCA Handbook. For each item you can define the people in charge and the approach for assessing compliance status. Governor then enables you to gather metrics and other data and present it to the relevant people so that they can make informed decisions and evidence oversight. As the FCA updates the Handbook, Governor will provide these updates to our clients' maps and the system will update and inform the relevant staff accordingly

Key functions include:

  • Automatically updated full FCA Handbook regulations
  • Workflow enable the metric collection and status assessment process
  • Include commentary, discussions and attachments
  • Link items to any other items
  • Set appetite thresholds for all metrics
  • Tag sections with items such as: products, legal entities, risk types, committees, etc.
  • Filter views by tags, status, date, etc.
  • Drill through the map to understand cause and effect
  • See how the FCA Handbook map looked at any date in the past
  • Set security so that people can only view/edit relevant parts of a map
  • Works on desktops and mobile devices