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Governor Software at JWG RegTech Conference, 7 February, London



Governor Software are pleased to once again being taking part in JWGs leading RegTech Conference.  This conference now in its 5th year will once again be hosted at the Gouman Tower Hotel, London on February 7th February, 2020.


JWGs RegTech conference is renowned for bringing together the regulators, regulated and leading technology suppliers in the spirit of collaboration, to discuss forthcoming challenges & define strategies on how to get ahead of the curve!


Richard Pike, CEO and Founder of Governor Software will be taking part in the 14:20 panel on Managing your Risk & Controls with RegTech. 


Governor Software will also be exhibiting at the conference, so do take the opportunity to drop by the stand, meet the team and see a live demo of Governor Reg: FCA a unique live copy of the FCA Handbook.




Webinar: How FCA Regulated firms can gain full Compliance Control in a matter of days!


Linked In Graph 1 1200x628pxClick here to view a pre-recorded version of this insightful webinar developed specifically for those working in Compliance within FCA regulated firms.


This 30 minute webinar will demonstrate how as a result of the transformation of the FCA Handbook Website, FCA regulated firms can now easily make the leap from compliance chaos to full compliance control in days without making a large financial or personnel commitment.

On Tuesday, 19 November, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) launched a new user interface to its online Handbook. This new web layout utilises Governor Software’s unique visualisation technology "GovernorReg: FCA"  and provides FCA-authorised firms with an interactive version of the FCA Handbook, providing:
• Increased visualisation of regulations,
• Improved search functions,
• Ability to filter directly to relevant items
• The ability to download specific modules
• A history feature allowing users to see changes by date.
To further help UK Regulated firms to stay compliant, Governor Software has developed a live version of Governor Reg: FCA. This version allows clients direct access to a live copy of all of the FCA regulations within their compliance system. The content is updated as the FCA makes changes and alerts users to exactly what changes have been made and when. Using Governor Reg: FCA allows UK Regulated firms to link each of their compliance activities (policies, controls, tests) to the relevant rules and guidance, giving them a clear map of where they have regulatory coverage and where they have issues. This live version also helps both the firm and the FCA when there is a supervisory visit as the regulated entity has already stored their compliance data in the FCA format, in accordance to the FCA Handbook structure.


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Webinar Recording: NYDFS Regulation goes Digital - What will this mean to you? 

Governor WebinarThe NYDFS requires firms to demonstrate a decision-making framework that is logical, robust and repeatable to govern an organization’s NYDFS compliance and certification. To achieve this an organization needs a structured approach to make strategic and operational decisions about conformance with the relevant NYDFS regulations.


Governor Software has developed an online / digital solution meaning NYDFS regulated firms using Governor: NYDFS will be able to work directly with their own live, actionable view of the NYDFS regulations (e.g. cyber 500, AML 504) , enabling compliance teams to easily see what needs to be done to be compliant, be aware of regulatory changes/updates as they happen, and Track, Action and Report their regulatory compliance response on an ongoing basis following the NYDFS structure. Governor Software also comes with the NYDFS regulatory news, powered by Corlytics.


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During this 30 minute webinar, Richard Pike, CEO, Governor Software demonstrates the live, actionable view of the NYDFS regulations, using examples from Regulation 23 NYCRR 500and NYDFS Part 504 Anti Money Laundering Model. Following Richard's demonstration, we will open the webinar to questions.






Webinar Recording : The FCA Handbook is going Digital: What will this mean for UK Regulated Firms?


Governor Webinar Series

The FCA Handbook is changing!  The need for firms to continue to work directly off a static copy of the FCA's UK financial regulations is coming to an end.  These changes mean that the traditional approach of transposing regulations into spreadsheets or other documents to track actions and log compliance that has been time-consuming, inefficient and no longer fit for purpose - will also be come a thing of the past. Want to learn more:


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Whats the New Approach: Since 2017 The FCA has been working with RegTech firms to improve the way in which UK Financial Regulations are distributed, recorded and tracked and both our speakers where heavily involved in this process.  View the webinar to hear Richard Pike, CEO, Governor Software and Alan Blanchard (formerly FCA), now Business Development (UK) at Apiax, discuss the background to the upcoming changes, the developments that have taken place, the reason for the changes and how UK Banks and Financial Firms compliance teams will benefit.


Webinar Recording: Actionable Regulations - How UK Financial Firms can utilize the FCA Handbook is changing – what will this will mean to you?

Governor Webinar Series
Please download Governor Software's webinar on "Actionable Regulations - How UK Financial Firms can utilize the FCA Handbook is changing - what will this mean to you?".  During this 30 minute webinar Richard Pike, CEO, Governor Software discusses how UK Financial Firms can now work directly with their own live, actionable view of the FCA Handbook. This new approach will enable compliance teams to easily see what needs to be done to be compliant, be aware of regulatory changes/updates as they happen and track actions and report their regulatory compliance on an ongoing basis.


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The Summit for Asset Managers (TSAM), London, 28 February, 2019

TSAMGovernor Software were pleased to take part at TSAM conference in London at the end of February.  


The Governor Software team met with a number of firms at the exhibition stand and Richard Pike, CEO, Governor Software addressed the Compliance and Regulation Stream discussing Actionable Regulation – how firms can easily stay abreast with the Regulator. 


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BNY Mellon Tax and Regulatory Client Forum, London, 30 January 2019


Governor Software were pleased to take part in the first of BNY Mellon 2019 series of technology focused sessions exploring how technology is intersecting into the tax and regulatory landscape. 


At this Forum in London, Richard Pike, CEO, Governor Software discussed Actionable Regulation, During his presentation Richard demonstrated how firms using actionable regulations can easily set policy controls, assign responsibilities, quickly track and keep up with the regulators changes and have clear evidence for the regulator of what has been done to adhere to a regulation.


For more information on Actionable Regulation, please visit: or 

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Download Webinar Recording: Risk Oversight - Meeting Regulatory Requirements & managing third party risk.

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Download this complimentary webinar to hear Richard Pike, CEO, Governor Software and

  • Nicolette Martin, Head of Compliance, Operations and Technology, Citi
  • Sabeena Liconte, Chief Legal & Chief Compliance Officer, Bank of China (BOC) International (USA) Holdings Inc
  • Alex Beigelman, Former Head of Technology & Cyber Security Risk, JP Morgan; 

discuss how they achieve risk oversight, meet regulatory requirements and manage third party risk. 

Over the course of the webinar hear panelists discuss how they are dealing with and overcoming current industry challenges including: 

  • Achieving third party risk compliance
  • GDPR and Board level oversight
  • Effective management of cyber securities and third party risk
  • Onboarding & due diligence including the technology and operational risks

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In 2018 Governor Software took part in the following events:

  • GARP 19th Annual Risk Convention NYC, 6-7th March
  • JWG RegTech Conference, London,7 March
  • New Generation Operational Risk,  London, 13-14 March
  • Risk EMEA 2018, London, 24-25 April, 
  • Risk America's 2018, NYC, 17-18 May, 

At Risk EMEA and Risk America's Richard Pike, CEO, Governor Software presented on Risk Oversight: Challenges and a New Approach, to download this presentation click the button below:

Risk Oversight Presentation

  • Castle Hill & Governor Software, NYC, 12 September 
  • Risk America's 2018, NYC, 17-18 May, 
  • Infoline SMCR Conference, London, 18-19 September
  • Operational Risk Management USA, NYC, 4-5 October
  • RiskMinds International, Amsterdam, 3-7 December