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Compliance Oversight


The process of compliance oversight is relatively simple in theory but financial institutions have historically made it extremely complex and unwieldy.


In order to root out the inefficiencies and make the process more effective a straightforward re-thinking of the practise is needed. This doesn’t mean pulling up the roots and starting again, but defining and mapping the oversight requirements and process as part of defining the core compliance requirements.  In short ‘design in good oversight’.


This approach will support oversight becoming a standard item and the days of running around looking for old spreadsheets, presentations and emails should become a thing of the past.

Find out more by Downloading the Governor Software Compliance Oversight Guide today: 


Guide to Compliance Oversight


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The FCA Handbook is going digital


The FCA Handbook is changing!  The need for firms to continue to work directly off a static copy of the FCA's UK financial regulations is coming to an end.  These changes mean that the traditional approach of transposing regulations into spreadsheets or other documents to track actions and log compliance that has been time-consuming, inefficient and no longer fit for purpose - will also be come a thing of the past. Want to learn more:


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Linking Risk Management & Business Objectives-1


Linking Risks To Objectives


By linking business objectives to risks, communication and understanding is enhanced within a firm and an organisation has a better likelihood of achieving its objectives - the ultimate goal of risk management.

This guide sets out the common practise undertaken by risk teams, and then looks at the importance of linking business objectives to risk and how to accomplish this.

The guide also explores the resulting risk types and how they enhance communication between the business and the risk teams.

Download the guide here:

Linking Risks to Objectives




GRC 2020

Analyst Review

GRC 20/20 Review


GRC 20/20 evaluated the features and capabilities of the Governor solution set. GRC20/20 found that it delivers an integrated and harmonized risk and performance management solution.


"Governor has an innovative approach to map and monitor the complex interrelationship of risks, objectives, regulations, and frameworks across the organization. It enables the organization to map roles and responsibilities to objectives and risk and track accountability. It enables 360°contextual awareness of risk and objectives with clear reporting to decision makers". 

Download the GRC 20/20 Guide


GRC20/20 review