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Solution Benefits:

  • Demonstrate full compliance with US Cyber Regulations e.g. NYDFS AML 504.
  • Reduce risk of regulatory fines whilst achieving significant RoI.
  • Clear line of sight from regulatory obligations to compliance activities.
  • Be made aware of potential obligation breaches in real-time and take immediate remedial action.
  • Access to Cyber Regulations live feed and regulatory news service, enabling regulatory gap analysis and horizon scanning against your compliance program.
  • Ability to demonstrate current (or previous) compliance efforts to internal/external auditors in an efficient/effective manner.
  • Clearly defined accountability and responsibility.
  • Easily sits on top of existing enterprise systems, providing a single integrated view of the organization.
  • Self-service capability enables your team to manage / extend the solution over time e.g. comply with other regulations such as NYDFS AML 504.

Cyber Security Compliance Oversight for US firms

Cybersecurity compliance has become a hot button issue in the US, with many states releasing their own comprehensive cybersecurity regulations.  These regulations are complex with extremely large fines being levied in the event of non-compliance.

Governor's proven solution for US Cybersecurity compliance enables financial institutions to attest on an ongoing basis that they are compliant with all emerging US cybersecurity regulations. 

This cost effective solution can be up and running in a matter of weeks and assists clients in avoiding large regulatory fines, whilst achieving significant operational RoI. In addition, the solution is future proof, as the system receives automatic updates from the regulators whenever regulations are amended / added.


Governor also provides clients with news from the various regulators through our partner Waymark 


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