AML & Sanctions Oversight

The role of AML & Sanctions oversight is to provide a decision making framework that is logical, robust and repeatable to govern an organisation’s AML & sanctions compliance. In this way, an organisation will have a structured approach to make strategic and operational decisions about conformance with the relevant AML & Sanctions regulations.

Example AML & Sanctions Oversight Map

AML Governance


Governor enables you to draw maps of the AML & Sanctions regulatory and policy obligations and to define the objectives, risks, systems, etc. that are related to that structure. For each item you can define the people in charge and the approach for assessing status. Governor then enables you to gather metrics and other data and present it to the relevant people so that they can make informed decisions.


We work with GRCTC in the area of AML & Sanctions Governance. We provide a map that is compliant with their AML & Sanctions Maturity Model.

Key functions include:

  • Automatically pull metric data from other systems
  • Workflow enable the metric collection and status assessment process
  • Include commentary, discussions and attachments
  • Link items to any other items
  • Set thresholds for all metrics
  • Tag risks and objectives with items such as: products, legal entities, risk types, committees, etc.
  • Filter views by tags, status, date, etc.
  • Drill through the map to understand cause and effect
  • See how the AML & Sanctions map looked at any date in the past
  • Set security so that people can only view/edit relevant parts of a map.
  • Works on desktops and mobile devices